About sustainable development

Sustainable development

«KAP Technology» LLP is the community-focused company, with its primary focus being the wellbeing of people.

The company recognizes that the development and improvement of sustainable development practices is a key factor in ensuring long-term stability, competitiveness and the ability to create additional value for all interested parties.

The necessary components of sustainable development are economic achievements, a high measure of social and environmental responsibility. The concept in the field of sustainable development of the company is developed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of «KAP Technology» LLP, the Development Strategy, as well as other internal documents. In order to strengthen its socially responsible company position and to solve the problems of socio-economic development in the medium term, in 2017, the Sustainable Development Program of «KAP Technology» LLP for 2018-2020 in the field of corporate social responsibility was developed and approved, further by the decision of the Supervisory Board on September 3, 2020 (Protocol 6/20) approved the Sustainable Development Program of «KAP Technology» LLP for 2021-2023.

The company has prioritised socially responsible activities including the implementation of social programs, support for science, education, health and culture, promoting healthy lifestyles, professional development and the improvement of working conditions, safety and occupational health, environmental conservation.