Kazatomprom recognises the importance of staff development and training, with it being at the forefront of the company’s human resources policy.

Due to this, Kazatomprom has systemized the process for the training, retraining and advanced training of skilled workers.

Training and retraining

Our Company is interested in the professionalism of its employees, in this regard, the management regularly organizes master classes, trainings and team buildings. All this helps not only to improve a person's professional level, but also helps to motivate.

In 2019, five employees of our Company successfully defended their master's theses at the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K. I. Satpayev, where they studied following specialties: "Information systems" specialization "Big Data", specialization "Machine Learning" at the expense of the Company.

Advanced training

Once the integrated system of employees’ assessment has been introduced at «KAP Technology» LLP, the system of advanced training and training planning has been improved. This integrated system means that employees are provided study opportunities with their development being subject to their approved individual development plans.

The type of training an employee is defined by their performance assessment and their own potential based on their management, corporate and professional competencies.

Talents management

«KAP Technology» LLP has successfully introduced the process of talent management, which is aimed at identifying promising employees and supporting their further development. This support ensures that they will reach their best within the allocated time, and planning of «KAP Technology» LLP’s and its subsidiaries’ staff succession at key positions. The process includes distributing identified talents for the following pools: “Management pool”, "Functional pool". Each pool has its own development program and training period.

Knowledge keeping

For the purpose of transferring unique knowledge and best practices, including improving the competencies, skills and knowledge of employees, «KAP Technology» LLP’s internal trainers, who are employees themselves, give master classes that are placed on the «еКАР» information system  and may be watched by the employees.