Industrial safety

Industrial safety

The Company is fully aware of its full responsibility for creating and maintaining safe working conditions and ensuring industrial safety in the course of its production activities and makes every effort to achieve a "zero level" of injuries and prevent accidents and emergencies at work.

The company strictly complies with all applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also implements an integrated approach to safety, which includes advanced international practices in the field of labour protection and industrial safety. In support of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) initiative to improve safety, health and well-being at work, Kazatomprom is registered as a member of the international program Vision Zero confirming its aspiration for zero injury.

The company is working to improve the safety culture and increase the level of informed compliance with industrial safety requirements by employees and managers at all levels.

The company continuously enhances the level of knowledge in the field of labor protection and the environment among employees and managers, and also applies an open and transparent approach to all aspects in this area.

In addition, the Company has implemented key performance indicators (KPIs) in the field of environmental protection that were developed by Kazatomprom, which it will strive to achieve. These indicators have also been established with regard to the volume of industrial waste generation, emissions and waste disposal.

The Company carries out environmental protection activities on an annual basis, such as the implementation and maintenance of the irrigation system for the care of tree seedlings, organization of drawing competitions among employees' children dedicated to the day of environmental protection, organization of clean-up days in the territories of mines and settlements where the Company operates.